In CUSTOMER SERVICE, direct questions that have already been answered in the different legal mentions and conditions will not be answered, only clarifications about them will be made.


The user knows and accepts the conditions of sale, processing of personal data, shipments, returns and intellectual property that govern the virtual store of the web "loquieroto" operated by 24 AVENTURAS COMERCIALES and its owner / s.


Customers have the right to withdraw from the purchase made within a period of 14 calendar days from receipt of it. It will be considered received once the carrier of the conformity of delivery of the merchandise to the same person or different from the one who placed the order, through the accreditation, signed by the receiving person, of the fact. The merchandise must be in perfect condition in order to be offered for sale as a new product and its physical or technical characteristics must not have been diminished.


This store offers its customers 3 ways to formalize the payment:

Credit or Debit Card: Secure payment is guaranteed through the BANKIA payment gateway, with no extra cost being applied by the website for the use of said payment method. Any refund to which customers who use this payment method are entitled will be made by the same means that made the payment within the legal deadlines.

Bank transfer or deposit: The website will make available to the client a current account number, once this form of payment has been indicated, to carry out the same by transfer or direct deposit. The website will not apply any extra cost for the use of this payment method. Any refund to which customers using this payment method are entitled will be made in the form of DISCOUNT VOUCHER for subsequent purchases.

Third-party platforms: These include the payment systems of Paypay, Amazon, etc ... and the payment managed by the external company and operated under its own privacy and use conditions. The use of this payment system may entail commissions or expenses on the part of the client. In any case, these expenses will be clearly indicated and broken down before making the payment and will never amount to a greater amount than the amount that the company applies to the merchant. Any refund to which customers who use this payment method are entitled will be made by the same means that made the payment within the legal deadlines.

All orders generate their legal invoice with the data entered by the client as BILLING ADDRESS. A copy of this invoice is available from the moment it is deemed "Sent" in the Order History of your customer account. On an invoice generated, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO MODIFY THE OWNER'S DATA.


The products sold on this website are all new and supplied by manufacturers or authorized distributors. All the material is subject to European quality standards and Spanish legislation regarding guarantee. Any defective material must pass the manufacturer's warranty court before being replaced or paid for.

The images, brands and / or logos belong to their intellectual owners and are only shown for information purposes without being contractual. Their owners can request their modification, suspension or elimination at any time. The products offered correspond to the characteristics described and image, unless the manufacturer has made modifications without prior notice, so it may be the case that a product is supplied that does not correspond 100% to the one offered, but complies the same quality and use requirements. reserves the right to cancel orders that have not been correctly formalized, paid in full, that present defects in form or suspected of fraud, being returned to the client the amounts paid for the product or service until the time of its cancellation.


The maximum quantity of products per order is set at 10 units as long as there is sufficient stock of the product. Below 10 units, the actual amount of stock in the warehouse of material not yet reserved for other orders will always be displayed, so in the case of coinciding in time 2 or more orders with the same item for which there are not enough units left , priority will be given to the oldest or oldest and the rest will be reimbursed the amount corresponding to the product. Likewise, if the units that appear in the warehouse do not meet the conditions to be sent, because they present defects, come from returns, etc ... they will not be sent to the customer, their amount being reimbursed unilaterally.

The customer is ultimately responsible for the choice of products purchased in our store. You must ensure their compatibility with the vehicles in which they are to be mounted, sizes, colors, etc ... either by figure, measurements or compatible reference cross. The data on dimensions, sizes, colors or other characteristics offered by this store are as close as possible to reality, although there may be slight variations by batches, screen color calibration, etc ... and its owner, declines any responsibility for the assembly of the items purchased in this store, as well as damage or breakdowns that arise after the assembly and commissioning of any material purchased. This responsibility belongs to the client and / or the person in charge of assembling them.


As a consumer, you have the right to withdraw from your order within 14 days of receipt with all the obligations that it implies on our part. Once the merchandise has been received and reviewed, the refund will be made within the deadlines established by law. For hygienic and health reasons, returns of used articles, intimate hygiene, active or passive security elements, food and / or perishable items, as well as custom orders, show tickets, digital or downloadable products and all those whose unsealed suppose a reduction in their qualities or safety conditions. All returned items will be at the expense of the customer or by the means provided by the store and may see its value depreciated in part or in full if it is not in optimal condition to be put up for sale again. This will be informed to the client after review.

In your customer account, within the order details, you can request the ADM Merchandise Return Authorization of the items you deem appropriate. You do not need to provide explanations in a return for withdrawal. If the form forces you to type something, put any character. You are free to offer the information you deem appropriate.

Once the ADM is authorized, download the document and attach it with the items to be returned.

The refusal of a package to the carrier will not be accepted as a withdrawal, so the return costs will be borne by the customer as well as the original shipment will not be reimbursed.


The customer is fully responsible for the choice of product made based on the data offered by the store on the general or specific characteristics of the item. All the data offered on sizes and measurements are as approximate as possible to avoid errors. Changes by colors or sizes will be accepted as long as there is availability and the item is in its original sealed container. For safety and hygiene, it is not possible to return or change intimate garments, swimwear or underwear. All expenses caused by any change may be charged to the client and this will not be made until they have been satisfied. To make a change in size or size, the customer must make a new purchase of the product they want and inform that they want the change so that we can collect the first product as a deference.


All non-perishable items are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects for their intended use. If after receiving an item it is found that the damage has been caused by improper use, the guarantee will be denied and the customer must be responsible for the shipping and return costs of the merchandise.

- Deficiencies caused by negligence, blows, use or improper handling, unsuitable tension, incorrect installation, or materials subject to wear and tear due to normal use are not included.

- In the case of computer items, the warranty will not cover the removal of viruses, the restoration of programs for this reason, or the reinstallation of the disk caused by its erasure.

The warranty will lose its value if:

- If any data on it or on the proof of purchase is modified, altered or replaced.

- If the identification number or the guaranteed device itself is manipulated or repaired without the knowledge of the Technical Service.


This store is not responsible for the use made by customers with its products or its direct consequences to the consumer or third parties. We strongly recommend reading the instructions and safety warnings on the items before use. When in doubt about possible allergic reactions to certain articles, due to their composition, we recommend not using them.


The shipment will be made by a qualified transport company after payment of the merchandise has been confirmed. Depending on the nature of it, the delivery period from the order and its payment is from 24 hours to a maximum of 30 days FOR ALL ORDERS EQUALLY. The website undertakes to inform the customer of any delay greater than 10 business days. The customer has the right to return the purchase due to withdrawal within a period of 14 calendar days by law from the receipt of the order, in accordance with the conditions described in the corresponding section. The amount of the product will be reimbursed within a period of 14 days from its receipt and verification, although its value may be depreciated if it is not in perfect condition to be put up for sale again.

The delivery time, when the package is delivered to the transport agency, must be distinguished from the delivery time of each of the options chosen by the customer.

See complete condition of shipping, refunds, revocation and warranties here. 


This store protects consumer rights under the guidelines of the European Commission. The customer has at his disposal the mediation and claim mechanisms through the pertinent legal channels in the event of failure of direct negotiation with the manager of this store, as well as claim forms that must be submitted to the competent body.


The user knows and accepts the conditions in which their personal data will be managed by the owner of this website and the necessary service providers such as online payment or carriers.


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